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::: Hello there :::

Again, there has been a long time without updates. Now I managed to get a mobile broadband connection at least. And there's a great new project in car section :)

SBC350 during Xmas

- DiNGo wrote at 14:20 (GMT+1:00) 14.4.13


::: Update :::

It's been hard times, and moving from here to there all the time. I never know how long I'll stay when I get to use my computer with internet connection this time. I've had some cars since last time.
Take a look again!

- DiNGo wrote at 22:56 (GMT+1:00) 16.1.12


::: One year ago :::

It's been about a year since I wrote that thing about a black nice beemer..
Well, a lot of shit has happened. The car is gone, since it was posessed by evil aliens and constantly stalked by the police. Well, at least I'm back with updates!
A lot of new pictures in the past cars section. Take a look!

- DiNGo wrote at 1:50 (GMT+1:00) 10.3.11


::: New car :::

Bought a black nice beemer. Wish it was summer already!

- DiNGo wrote at 21:18 (GMT+1:00) 2.2.10


::: Fixed it :::

There, I fixed the background graphics so it doesn't mess up in different browsers.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:34 (GMT+1:00) 3.9.09


::: A few updates :::

Uploaded info and pictures in cars sections
I strethed the shoutbox alittle, and matched the link colors. Currently, there are some visual bugs when this site is viewed with Firefox, Opera and maybe others too. There should be no problems with Internet Explorer. When I want to spend the time to learn CSS, it will be compatible with all browsers.

- DiNGo wrote at 15:49 (GMT+1:00) 3.9.09


::: Got a new server :::

So, finaly its up again. I asked arthoz about some webspace, and he said no problem.. 5 minutes. Why didn't I ask earler? Great to have a webspace to write my thoughts, upload pictures and stuff.

- DiNGo wrote at 13:24 (GMT+1:00) 2.9.09


::: A very new car :::

Site is still down.. I will start to look for a new server..
The rusty Benz got worse and worse, and I got sick and tired of old cars. Except for amcars though.. Can't stop loving them.
Anyway.. It seems that my luck has turned.
Now I have a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant! Take a look in the garage section! The Benz is now for sale.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:44 (GMT+1:00) 8.6.08


::: New car again :::

Site is still down..
But lots of things is starting to get better. I have sold the wreck, and bought a Mercedes 300 Diesel now. And also sold the Ford.. finally.
I had an exam last week, and I'm waiting for the results. Looking for a welding job with good sallary.

- DiNGo wrote at 18:32 (GMT+1:00) 5.11.07


::: Long time :::

My site has been down for a while. Wonder if the servers has been cancelled..
Also, in this mid-summer.. I bought a Mercedes Benz 190e 1987 with a lot of power, automatic-steptronic, and black leather interior. I guess it had too much power, because I had a major traffic accident with it.. I lost all grip, the car slided about 60 meters, then continued outside the road, it rammed down a traffic light and rolled over. A power-line stopped the car from moving any further, lucky me I didn't fry like a bacon in that car. Well there you go.
Easy come easy go. We had some good times :(

R.I.P MB 190E

- DiNGo wrote at 10:04 (GMT+1:00) 17.8.07


::: New car :::

Finaly got myself a new car with working heater and good comfort. And rear wheel drive :)

- DiNGo wrote at 1:53 (GMT+1:00) 18.2.07


::: Tables fixed :::

I figured it out myself. Now my website is 100% allright I guess :)

- DiNGo wrote at 13:43 (GMT+1:00) 13.12.06


::: More updates :::

I have made another section called "visual". I removed and sorted out the least desirable content. But I have some table problems in "artwork" and "photos". It looks okey in the Dreamweaver, but in Explorer the header tables gets all weird. If you got any tips, go to the shoutbox.

- DiNGo wrote at 5:37 (GMT+1:00) 13.12.06


::: New job :::

After a three months course with "industry plumbing", I can finally begin my career.
I have also sold my Opel Manta, and moved out.
I bought some very nice furnitures from Oslo and Kristiansand for my apartment.. So things are starting to turn the right way.

- DiNGo wrote at 15:23 (GMT+1:00) 3.12.06


::: Want to move out :::

It's time to move out again.
Too many things to think about..
Too many things should have been done.
But hey, take a look at the newest pictures on my Manta.

- DiNGo wrote at 01:21 (GMT+1:00) 20.6.06


::: Working With Manta :::

Hello theeere!
Been many hours with work on my Opel Manta. Today I finaly got a fuelinjection engine in it, and 5 speed transmission. Only some nutt's and bolt's now. I didn't really had plans to change engine and gears before I got the car painted, but you never know what happens first :)

- DiNGo wrote at 22:08 (GMT+1:00) 21.5.06


::: Car wreckin' :::

Yesterday, I finaly got rid of the wreck outside. Now the only car I have is the Manta.. It feels good to only have one car again. Need some more parts now for the Manta. The first thing is to "EU-verify" it. It needs bodywork and paint. Then we'll talk power ;)

- DiNGo wrote at 11:53 (GMT+1:00) 13.1.06


::: Back home :::

I moved back home to my stepfather right before christmas. I have worked very much with my room, painted it all black and stuff :)
It now has a nice feeling. I also want my own "home cinema" with surround sound. I just need a projector and five more speakers. My job contract also ended in the end of 2005. Happy newyear by the way! It's gonna be a whole new year...
'nuff said.

- DiNGo wrote at 21:56 (GMT+1:00) 3.1.06


::: Dismemberfest :::

Finaly. I have sold that darn BMW. I did'nt want to bother with it anymore, so I took out the interior and sold the car and Borbet wheels without engine and transmission. Another problem is outta my world. Now I have to sell the rest of the parts :)

- DiNGo wrote at 23:06 (GMT+1:00) 6.12.05


::: Jay!! :::

I finaly got a job now! As a truckdriver.. Not those big trucks, I'm talking about those fork-trucks or whatever their called. I started yesterday 10' o clock. The boss called me whn I was still asleep and said "are you coming to work today?". I Said "uhm, did I get the job?". And he said "offcourse!". Very happy with it too.

- DiNGo wrote at 18:30 (GMT+1:00) 23.11.05


::: Upfreshing updates :::

Done some cleanup on my website. 'specially in the cars sections. Nothing much to say really. Just take a look.

- DiNGo wrote at 0:41 (GMT+1:00) 9.11.05


::: Long long way :::

Hello there! I was on an all-alone-trip to buy me some exterior parts for the Opel Manta. I have been driving ca 800 km on that trip.. I drove for 12 hours almost without a pause. But when I arrived to my goal, we took some time to install the new front bumper. Then I drove downwards to "Seljord kommune" to visit a friend of mine. I had to sleep there, or else I would sleep at the steeringwheel.. yikes. On the last bit, the car started to shake'rattle'n'roll.. ;p
I thought it was the front wheel that was loose, so I drove a little further to check the wheels at a gas-station. But I didn't make it before the entire frontleft tire rolled and jumped off the wheel.. I laughed. The gas-station lady borroed me some car-jack so I could change wheel.. The rest of the trip was smooth after that. There are some nice picture of it in the "garage" section.

- DiNGo wrote at 22:02 (GMT+1:00) 23.10.05


::: So little sleep :::

This weekend has been so sleepless.. But we have done so many things and it was all worth it. We bought the Toyota Corolla on Friday. The party was great, but I had to get up very early in the morning and I was still drunk on the train to Gjøvik. I bought the Manta and then visited my sister. They recently bought a nice house. On the way home I got flashed on the road by the stupid photobox. I'm still waiting for the speedticket.. I came home after midnight, and drove around in my new ride. Then I picked up Erina and we were home around 3 o' clock. And it does'nt top there. We had less than 3 hours to sleep before we had to get up and get on the boat to Denmark. We had much fun in "Fårup badeland", and we bought some alcohol and stuff on the boat home. I was good to get some sleep ;)

- DiNGo wrote at 23:35 (GMT+1:00) 22.8.05


::: "Dimming" :::

I have finaly finished the "siviltjeneste". "Siviltjeneste" is an alternative to the military. I choosed to go sivil.. hehe. So now I'm gonna take some vacation. It's party tonight. Tomorrow I'm going to Gjøvik, and on Saturday I travel to Denmark with friends! Have a nice summer.

- DiNGo wrote at 15:31 (GMT+1:00) 19.8.05


::: Thumbcutting :::

It is summer, and I am working in the little place called "Lillesand kommune". Just when I got up from the bed today, I actually managed to cut a slice of my thumb on the breadslicer. My thumb is completely flat on the end, haha. Here is an explanation. I can post real picture of my now called; Thumbs Minus. Like the "Thumbs Plus", get it?

- DiNGo wrote at 9:25 (GMT+1:00) 26.7.05


::: License :::

I finally got the drivers license today!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

- DiNGo wrote at 16:36 (GMT+1:00) 2.6.05


::: Fix :::

I have removed the "version" thingy' for my car projects, because that's just bullshit.

- DiNGo wrote at 17:13 (GMT+1:00) 27.5.05


::: I'm still here :::

It's now a loooong time since I've written anything on my site. Many things have happened offcourse, and thats the reason why I don't sit on the computer and geek all day and night. I've moved out.. finally! With Erina :)
We rent a whole house, and we've lived here since the start of February this year. I have also bought a new engine and transmission for my "beloved" BMW. I hate that car. I'm going to do an engine-swap. Tuned 88'-(?) 325i engine with Getrag 5spd manual. Just have to do this so I can sell it for a better price.

- DiNGo wrote at 20:24 (GMT+1:00) 8.5.05


::: The cold fusion :::

The summer is over, and it has been some time since my last update here.. I know. My BMW 320i is for sale. I don't want BMW anymore. Seriously. All I want is american muscle. And I can't believe I sold the Trans-Am. Je Je.. Well tomorrow I'm going to Kristiansand to get a job. "Siviltjenesten" that is. And it's not that long untill I can continue on the drivers license. I've had a nice summer, and I am having a nice fall too. Thanks to my friends. What would we do without'em.
My stepdad wants to sell his Saab, and buy a Chevrolet Celebrity. I think its a nice car. I'll be car-less untill I get the drivers license I guess. But who knows. Maybe some 'bird pop up. The 'birds are definetly THE cars for me. A Firebird is the car I am going to buy when I have the drivers license. I don't want to bother with cars untill then. Except working with them offcourse. Take a look in the garage at this site. Its UP..dated ;P

- DiNGo wrote at 0:31 (GMT+1:00) 4.10.04


::: Road trip :::

Since the summer is too hot as usual, we (Erina, her bestfriend and I) decided to take a trip to Bø in Telemark the 30th of July. We camped the first night, and then we moved to "Sommarland i Bø" the day after. We were there for nine hours! It was a nice trip, we had so much fun! A friend of mine a I also took a trip to Skien the 29th of July to buy some parts for my BMW E30. No rush, just having a nice trip.

- DiNGo wrote at 14:01 (GMT+1:00) 2.8.04


::: Hot summer :::

Well haaaiidihooo.. Now I have been away from the webmastering for a long time. And it has happened a LOT since last time. I have even sold the Trans-Am, bought a BMW Schnitzer Turbo, and traded it with another BMW.. Early in May, I even met the nicest girl in the world! *kiss to Erina*.
I friend of mine and I made a video of the Trans-Am on the 1st May. Right after we were on the nice amcar cruizing. We met the previous owner of the Trans-Am, and a fella with a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1!! We parked with a bunch of other amcar enthusiasts in Arendal city, and then moved on to Gjerstad at "Lyngrillen". We had a snack and a chat with the people in the ZR1 and his mother who also drives a Corvette. Too bad we forgot the camera, but we filmed the Trans-Am when we came home. I now have a BMW 320i 83' with a totally new paintjob with special effects. Real nice. It has been so long since last update, that I can't remember the when I worked on the cars and stuff. So they are written with questions marks for now. Have a nice summer holiday everyone! I love you Erina!!! You rock my world ;)

- DiNGo wrote at 2:01 (GMT+1:00) 20.7.04


::: It's gettin' warmer :::

I have unveiled my car today.. hehe. Checked minor things and tried to start it.. Well, that was the problem. Even when I closed the ignition the engine still tried to start, and smoke appeared on the ground battery cable. But I let the DEFA engine warm-up be on for about a half hour. The engine started immediatly! Now that's american quality. I have fixed other minor things too.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:01 (GMT+1:00) 19.2.04


::: Green nuclear waste :::

I have uploaded the pictures of my finished computer project. Take a look in computer upgrade lab.

- DiNGo wrote at 15:58 (GMT+1:00) 8.2.04


::: Feel the power :::

It has been a long time since last hardware update. But finaly I have put my new computer together. Ah, what a relief. And what a sight! I don't remember the date I picked up the last package, so it's written in "??" for now. Hehe I've been busy putting hardware together several times. Even took the computer case to school to modify it. Not finnished yet! The frontpanel is going to be uneque next week. But everything is set up alright now. I had problems getting S-ATA as C:\ but you will always learn as you go on.

- DiNGo wrote at 1:42 (GMT+1:00) 22.1.04


::: Happy newyear :::

Well now it's time for the year 2004.
And suddently my computer interest came back. I am going to spend time on updating hardware and accomplish some modding. All this started because the need of a new hard drive. The old one is starting to piss me off again. Corrupt user logon profile and that annoying "hairclipper" sound the hard drive kept doing. Oh well. I've managed to fix it up, but then the computer failed to start. I swapped the power supply with the old one from the guest computer, and voila.. Ah, happy new year!

- DiNGo wrote at 3:36 (GMT+1:00) 2.1.04


::: In the court :::

For the first time in my life, I have been in a court being judged. You may remember the episode in september. Well this wasn't so bad as I tought it would be. I'll survive. I will not tell you what kind of fine and all that I got. But it's finaly clear how things are now. Nice to get over with it.

- DiNGo wrote at 22:19 (GMT+1:00) 17.11.03


::: Dumped Motor Wagen :::

Now we've finaly delivered the BMW 316 to the junkyard. I'm selling the wheels this week. Black 2-door interior for sale also. Pictures coming up soon.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:53 (GMT+1:00) 13.11.03


::: Pictures added :::

Hey people. I have finaly uploaded the pictures of my Trans-Am. Take a look in garage section.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:11 (GMT+1:00) 10.11.03


::: No snow yet :::

It has rained a lot lately. And there is no sign of snow, and not so cold either. So I have been cruizing around in the city several times. It's reaaly neat to drive this car. Amazing driving excitement. When I got to move the car and back up, the rear wheels spin for nothing! I have to be gentle on the pedal with other words. I also struggled a bit with the gear shifter. Very hard release button. But I'm used to it now. I also filled air to the hijackers today. The rear raised as I filled air. Very nice. This car is something to get used to. Not the average day-to-day and economical car, and definite not the most usual car you see on the roads. Go Pontiac!

- DiNGo wrote at 14:53 (GMT+1:00) 2.11.03


::: Winter time blues :::

Yeah baby! The Trans-Am is mine! Read about it in garage section. I bought it yesterday, and picked it up today. A friend of mine drove it for me. We parked it outside my sister's house, and covered it. Now I am looking for a garage.. hopefully one in my town. This is like a distance relationship!

- DiNGo wrote at 23:05 (GMT+1:00) 23.10.03


::: Birthday, hooray! :::

19 years today..!
I also got visit from a good friend of mine last weekend, from Oslo. She is moving back to Rana now. Very cool girl.. crazy about Trans-Am. Need I say more? Hehe..

- DiNGo wrote at 23:03 (GMT+1:00) 13.10.03


::: One dream came true :::

O'yeah.. I've been in Gjerstad with a friend of mine, too take a look on a black Pontiac Trans-Am 77' today. When we met the car owner, we did not only see a car.. There where two Firebird's there. The 77' plus a 81' turbo. Waiting for us.. Then we followed them to their house. And in the garage we saw a 71' Camaro as well. We talked for a while and I took a good look on the Trans-Am. This is the first time I ever have taken my hands on one of these! Man.. When I sat in the car, hands on the wheel, looking out the window.. at the shaker scoop coming trough the hood.. The feeling of it is not comparable with any other car. So we decided to take it for a test ride. My friend where driving it, and I sat in the front passenger seat. Incredible comfort. This car is huuuge! And the sound of the 6,6l V8 is so goooood.. I want this car!! The dream must come true one day. Then I will be heard.

- DiNGo wrote at 23:51 (GMT+1:00) 2.10.03


::: Wasted :::

Once again.. last weekend was insane. The worst and wildest ever. Some friends of mine and I where in an accident with my car. I where on the hospital and everything. Nothing serious. I'm allright. But the car is useless now. Take a look in the garage section to see pictures. I'm going to sell the rims anyway. Do NOT drive a car with brake failure! Everything that happened last weekend was illegal. I don't have drivers license, I was drunk and the car had no registration plates. We where all wicked. I can't believe this is me. This has to be because of the problems I've had with my ex. I wanted to do something wild. I would never do something like this before. I have contacted the police and explained everything. I think I'll stay away from the wheel for a while. After all this, I have calmed down, and I can go on living, and forget the girl from the past. See you in the court..

- DiNGo wrote at 13:14 (GMT+1:00) 18.9.03


::: Dazed :::

I've been thinking. I'm not sure if I want to sell the car or not. Last weekend was insane. I've had big problems lately..
Why I won't sell the car? It was crashed by someone who tested it. No big injury, but I should fix it up. And when it's done, I may keep the car.
By the way, noticed the graphic on the top? Everytime I stay up this late, I get so many ideas. Well, time to say goodnight.

- DiNGo wrote at 06:35 (GMT+1:00) 10.9.03


::: Car for sale :::

Now I allready want to sell my car again. Will I never learn? This is my second BMW. And all I want is an american car. I will not buy another BMW again! The reason is that this car is too boring. I spent many hours on it fixing up the interior, buying alu rims and spacers. I am almost done with the interior. It will be announced on Motorbørsen, AutoDB and other sites.

- DiNGo wrote at 15:03 (GMT+1:00) 28.8.03


::: Country lyrics :::

By Kenny Chesney. I found this chorus very cute.. At first, it looks like you are starting to drink, swear, steal and lie. Breakin' every rule.. But then it is explained how nice those things can be. Twisted around to something beautiful.

"I was 12 when Daddy said to me
..don't take to drinking boy that road don't lead nowhere..
And don't you ever let me hear you swear (don't you dare)
He told me stealin is a lazy mans way
Something for nothin' leaves you held in place
So don't lie, then you can look the whole world in the eye
But since I met you, girl I'm breakin every rule
I must confess I'm just a backstabbin' fool

"I wanna drink from your loving cup
Swear I'll never give you up
Steal all your kisses underneath the moon
I wanna lie here close to you
Look at what you make me do
Darling you're the reason why
I drink swear steal and lie

- DiNGo wrote at 10:53 (GMT+1:00) 27.8.03


::: Country lyrics :::

By Gary Allan.

"I wake up in the morning full of dread
Tryin’ to remember what I’d said
I say that I won’t call you
And I mean it every time
Until I cross that bourbon borderline..."

"Memories of you surround me
And I’m afraid the tears might drown me
Oh, I think I’m doing fine
Until I cross that bourbon borderline..."

- DiNGo wrote at 22:15 (GMT+1:00) 26.8.03


::: Want more :::

Well well. I got the car that I could afford. But hey, what to do when you are a musclecar guy and can only afford euro economical cars? Just wait and see. There will be two cars in the garage section one day.

- DiNGo wrote at 14:45 (GMT+1:00) 21.8.03


::: New car :::

A friend and I took the bus up to Haugesund via Evje, Hakeli, because there where no shorter route. We started at 8:30. After 9 hours and 40 minutes we finaly came to Haugesund. Very nice nature trough Evje and Haukeli. We where picked up by the seller of the car. The car where bought in Skjold 16.8.03. We started to drive home around 18:30. We had to take the ferry for the shortest route. We took the E39 road trough Stavanger and Kristiansand because the other route where so long and boring. At around 3:00 17.8 we came home with my new car. So super tired from the trip that we where. This is something I won't do again in a long time. The car will be registrated on me tomorrow.

- DiNGo wrote at 11:17 (GMT+1:00) 17.8.03


::: Horoscope :::

Something I re-phrased, to express my feelings.
"Tyren er knyttet til hjertechakraet, og har stabilitet, ro, utholdenhet, orden, lovlydighet, økonomisk evne, målrettethet og arbeidsomhet.
Vekten er en diplomat, og har rettferdighetssans, objektivitet, ærefølelse, ømhet, medfølelse og sans for orden og harmoni.
Tyren er styrt av Venus, og er et jordtegn med sans for skjønnhet og nytelse.
Vekten er også styrt av Venus, men ikke i jord som Tyren, men i luft. Vekten deler Tyrens sans for skjønnhet og nytelse."

- DiNGo wrote at 10:54 (GMT+1:00) 6.8.03


::: Broadband :::

Finaly. I got the fibreoptic in the house. It's at 7,35 mBits now, but it will go down to 2 mBits when everything is in business. Thats ok, don't you think?

- DiNGo wrote at 16:58 (GMT+1:00) 2.7.03


::: Car sold :::

Thaaaaaaaarrrrrr she blows. Or should I say goes.
My wallet needs a diet now. Hehe.
The sale took place last wednesday.

- DiNGo wrote at 1:55 (GMT+1:00) 23.5.03


::: Lets do bizniz :::

The car is for sale! Sad but true.. Hehe.
It is announced on AutoDB and other web stores.

- DiNGo wrote at 17:52 (GMT+1:00) 9.4.03


::: Boom :::

Yes! I bought new cables and connected a amplifier I borrowed from a neighbour. The bass is loud and clear. The other amplifier will be used for high-pass sound.

- DiNGo wrote at 19:13 (GMT+1:00) 28.1.03


::: Stereo problems :::

Doh! I have connected the car stereo, but the amplifier will not function like it should. Every connections is checked, the source unit plays. The amplifier played one time and the sub sounded OK, then the fuse broke . . .
There could be problems with the wiring at the amplifiers connectors. It is a 4x90 watt amp that I've bridged into 180 watt. And the fuse is 40amp. The voltage to the cable is correct. Help apreciated.

- DiNGo wrote at 17:39 (GMT+1:00) 26.1.03


::: Pictures!! :::

Now, the first thing you have noticed, is the new top graphics. It's my car.. wee! Take a look in the cars sections.
You can also post a message here now. Click "comments" under the menu.

- DiNGo wrote at 9:58 (GMT+1:00) 6.11.02


::: LAN visit :::

I was on LegionLAN from friday to saturday, but I didn't have my computer with me. No fun without free hd space. It was not as fun as last time, but at least there was known people there. I drove home with my car on saturday.. We where bored, so homecoming was the best solution.

- DiNGo wrote at 1:33 (GMT+1:00) 20.10.02


::: Homedrivin' :::

I finaly got my car back from the workshop. And finaly got to drive it, after all the required fixing. It was like a dream.

- DiNGo wrote at 20:00 (GMT+1:00) 17.10.02


::: Birthday :::

I'm 18 years old today!!

- DiNGo wrote at 0:11 (GMT+1:00) 13.10.02


::: Have a chat :::

Hello there. I am testing this new'ish chat script thing "Tag-Board". You can test it here meanwhile.

- DiNGo wrote at 17:10 (GMT+1:00) 22.9.02


::: Lonely board :::

Ahum.. Good morning. I haven't seen any activity on my message board. Don't you people have anything to say? Or wasn't the link too easy to see..? Here's the link: cyberdel message board
And please.. don't be lazy. The registration takes only seconds! Speak out.

- DiNGo wrote at 10:47 (GMT+1:00) 22.9.02


::: The very first :::

I got my first car today. And it looks sweet! I'm so happy! Yehaw.

- DiNGo wrote at 20:17 (GMT+1:00) 4.9.02


::: New section :::

I will write a news report every time I add a new section to the right.. yes, there. Read all about it. Note: there is a small table bug in "about cyberdel" section. I just wanted to upload these in a hurry and get some sleep. Good night.

- DiNGo wrote at 23:45 (GMT+1:00) 19.8.02


::: Time for school :::

Today was my first day at school this year. Man, I have not been on school for about two years!! Now I'm on the first year at high-school. Actually, I should be on the third. Due to the long break, I decided to kick-start my ass to do something useful in life, and that's school. And oh, I'm starting on the driver license soon. Damn, this is going to be a goodyear. Haha.

- DiNGo wrote at 18:15 (GMT+1:00) 15.8.02


::: Bullshit people :::

We have met the most funniest comedians in the world (we asume). We where on a high place in a town drinking where no one could see us. We where wrong. A stranger appeared and joined us to drink and talk. Later he contacted a guy who could pick us up with his car. We noticed right then, that he's a hardcore bullshit talking comedian. Actually both. They where non-stop talking all the time. We laughed and laughed. It was hilarious. The only way I can explain how they do it, is the drugs. Not that I recommend you to try. I will rather say you should not do drugs. Go to school, or whatever you do, become something you want to become. I can't explain how funny they really are. They didn't laugh one single time. How come they don't start in show-business?

- DiNGo wrote at 00:00 (GMT+1:00) 10.8.02


::: Doublesided pizza :::

Once upon a time.. underground, under the asphalt, bellow the street thats full of dope. There was this creature called DiNGo. No one really knew this one, except for a few humans. Spending his time on doing graphics, HTML coding, publishing, he was just another shadow. A shadow that was hided from the stream of commercial people. They are just pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth of the underground. But the underground would not exist without them.

- DiNGo wrote at 13:09 (GMT+1:00) 5.8.02


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