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So here you are. Never thought you where going to read this.
"cyberdel" is the brand name of everything I create digitally. I also use the name when I run a server. I don't run servers for money. For example, I start up some SHOUTcast radio for my friends to listen, and some times a game server for playing for a short time. "cyberdel" is also the name of my designs. The name cyberdel started on my first day's on the net, my first nickname. Back in the good old day's on Heat.net playing Unreal ..too bad the great gaming community was shut down. Anyway, "cyberdel" is actually a mistake from me, it was supposed to be "cyberdine" from the Terminator movie. I spelled it wrong.. so there you go. My own name, by my own fantasy. The name is not taken from any other sources than my own brain. Even if you find any shop's or company's. Enough of that.
My first web design was when I was 14 or something. Long time ago now. When I look back at it now I see total-lame-amateur-site. The year 2001 I started with a quick clan site in a rush with Dreamweaver 4. I found out that I really enjoy building website's with Dreamweaver. After a couple of day's I started with a total new design for a total new website. I have to say that I was a little impressed by myself. Design is the first priority on the site. I like blue, but use any other theme, as long as it has shades of the same colors. That's it for the design. Now let me tell you monkey's what this site is all about. It is mostly about me and my interests, and what I do for a living. I write as often as possible. But I don't always want to sit on the computer.


::: Some logos for cyberdel design :::

This is something I made basicly for publishing of my stuff.

Well isn't it the good old Super Street Fighter II on SNES :)





Dingo logos and names, cyberdel design, the meaning and use of them are all copyrighted and owned only by the owner.
Game graphics are Stainless, and Electronic Arts. Downloadable car models, skins and other software made by cyberdel are uneque only for cyberdel unless other servers keep them for public download with my comfirmation. All rights reserved ©