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::: The cyberdel main computer :::

This is my main and only computer, the one for normal day to day use. It does play my games in full HDMI and full settings, not bad. I was even on a budget.

Computer/Network name:
Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
ASUS P7H55-M PRO micro-atx full HDMI
Sharkoon Rush micro-atx
520w modular Chill Innovation
Intel i5 Dual Core 3.2GHz, stock cooler
Memory SDRAM:
4gb DDR3 CL7 1066Mhz Crucial (2x2Gb kit)
Hard drive(s):
OCZ Agility III 60gb 64mb cache SSD, Western Digital Caviar® Black™ 1TB 32mb cache, Seagate Freeagent Xtreme 7200 1TB
Bulk DVD+RW (black)
Graphics accelerator:
Gainward GeForce GTX 460 1GB PhysX CUDA
PCI-Express 2.0,"Goes like Hell", 2xDVI, HDMI
JWS 16:10 w/ integrated speakers
Keyboard/mouse/other control(s):
Logitech K340 wireless, Logitech LX7 optic wireless
Network adapter(s):
Integrated Realtek (tp), USB wireless 802.11n WiFi
Integrated Realtek HD audio, Creative 2.1 pc speakers
Cooling: Sharkoon stock chassis 120mm fan, Scythe Ita Kaze Hard Drive Cooler, ANTAZONE AS-N2000 Copper Heatpipe Northbridge Heatsink (not mounted on new motherboard yet)
USB/other port(s)/device(s):
10 USB ports, Nyko AirFlo EX joypad, "Norsk Tipping", Nokia mobile cable, Blue Soleil bluetooth adapter


::: The Powerplant computer :::

This computer is thorn down, and sold. The motherboard failed. Now I'm tired of flashy neons and tons of wires.


::: The Pile of Hardware computer :::

This computer is dead. It was leftovers from the the previous Compaq hardware and some desk fan placed on top of the cpu. Looked stupid.


::: The first ones :::

My first computer was a Compaq Presario multimedia pc. I had no experience what so ever. This is where I started to learn. I was 14, and the rest in my class knew a lot more than me. But it didn't take long before I achieved greater knowledge in computers than any of them.
I realised this computer needed upgrade, but i didn't have any AGP port, and the computer started to suck. Thats when I bough a new motherboard, chassis and everything else I needed. The Voodoo 3000 16mb AGP card! Oh, the 3Dfx was incredible back then. Carmageddon II and Unreal was a blast to play. I then started to create 3D models and skins, Instead of consentrating on school. Don't do that.
Later, I bought new hardware again and again.


::: Other, misc :::

This is stuff I want to mention that I have that's not actually a computer, but is computer related. Like router, switches etc.

Internet connection:
LOS Bynett fiber 3mbits
Jensen 300mbits WiFi


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Game graphics are Stainless, and Electronic Arts. Downloadable car models, skins and other software made by cyberdel are uneque only for cyberdel unless other servers keep them for public download with my comfirmation. All rights reserved ©