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::: The Original G :::

Modifications and tuning:
- SBC 350 and TH350
- Edelbrock Performer RPM camshaft
- Edelbrock Performer RPM air-gap intake
- Holley 4bbl 650 carburetor
- Milodon double timing-chain
- T-tops conversion
- 2" cowl induction hood-scoop
- Chrome-delete
- AC-delete
- Cruisecontrol-delete
- Custom interior


Need parts:
- New front inner fenders
- New floor carpet


Current job:
- Cutting and welding the t-tops roof

Some stuff I have done will be logged here.

- Bought car, and found a workshop to park it in to keep it dry
- Started to disassemble the eksterior and interior

- Moved project to a better workshop, with proper heating etc
- Lifted out engine

- Welded in new sheetmetal in the rear wheelhouse, rear quarters and under the rear seat

- Bought a t-tops donor car, with better doors and minor stuff I need
- Chopped the roof, and sold the rest of the chassie/frame



::: 318is 91' diary :::

Some stuff I have done will be logged here.

- New tires (215/45/17)

- Changed fuelfilter

- Installed Racing Chip

- Mounted K&N filter

- Mounted "BMW" wheel caps

- New M3 e36 front bumper, and new layer of paint on the hood as well

- New sports brakes

- Had a professional wax job

- New fuel pump

- Bought a Cerwin Vega 12" dual voice coil subwoofer and 400w 2channel amp, due to some idiots had a theft in the trunk..


::: Galant 02' diary :::

Some stuff I have done will be logged here.

- Installed xenon HIDs for all front lights.


::: Opel Manta 77' diary :::

Stuff I have done will be logged here.

- ca 800 km trip with the Manta. Bought the GSi front in "Fosser", and visited a friend in "Seljord"
. I had offcourse some stereo in the car. I drove first for 12 hours without any sleep, and then drove to Seljord to sleep.

- The next day on the trip. When I woke up, my car was covered in snow! And "OMG my slicks rear 205 tyres won't do any good" was my first thought. Later on when I almost was home, the right front tyre rolled off the rim.. I'll remember to check the air pressure next time.

- I can't continue writing stuff I have done everytime.. because I am simply to busy working with the car. I have done very much with it so far, and the new engine and gearbox is almost fitted now!

- Sold the project, with installed engine, gearbox and all injection parts.


::: Toyota Corolla 83' diary :::

Stuff I have done will be logged here.

- I never did anything work in this car except practising some bodywork on it. I mostly drove this car like it was stolen :P And the police stopped me because they was THINKING it was stolen.. haha
! There has been alot of fun with this car too. And the winter was endless fun, drifting with my friends :) And since it was a rat, I could push my limits to test my skills. Oh, I forgot to tell you I had to change the clutch because of to much burning rubber. A friend of mine spilled oil on the rear tires, and then it was all up to me!


::: BMW 320i 83' diary :::

Stuff I have done will be logged here.

- Mounted a K&N air filter

- Switched the interior sidepanels with the all-black leather panels from the past BMW 316
- Strapped on those fluffy porn-style whitetiger seatcovers from USA

- Replaced the ignitionmodule with another one that I found in my yard

- Mounted Rockford Fosgate speakers in front, and 6x9 Magnat in hatshelf

- Replaced some exhaust pipes with new ones at Erina's place

- Removed the custom woody subwoofer enclosure in the trunk that caused a lot of trouble

- Got my brand new Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 rear tires

- Got the BORBET center-caps for my BORBET wheels
- Mounted the CD player and re-wired with fuses
- Fixed some problem with the hood that obviously did not close

- A friend and I took a trip to Skien and bought some Hella "smoked" front lights that I ordered last week
- Mounted the Hella "smoked" front lights

- The frontlights and rearlights has been fixed at Erina's place

- Finnished installing the new whiteface gauges in my dash

- Replaced ballbearings on left side with new ones
- Adjusted the front wheels alignement


::: BMW Schnitzer S3T 83' diary :::

Stuff I have done will be logged here.


We didn't get that much time to do anything with this car, because I traded it with another one in just a few days after I bought it.


::: Pontiac Trans-Am 77' diary :::

Stuff I have done will be logged here.

- We picked up the car and parked it at my sisters house, and covered it
- Looking for a garage

- Moved the car home

- Fixed the starter motor and adjusted the carburetor at school

- Cruized the 1st May amcar day and filmed the car.

Well since I haven't updated this site in a long time, I can't remember the date when I had the car on my school. The were sold and they will restore it to original condition. I have made a 10 minute video of this car too. Pretty nice stuff.


::: BMW 316 84' diary :::

Stuff I have done is logged here.

- Bought a set of 17" wheels from a friend of mine

- Bought some spacers for the front wheels to make them fit
- Bought a car jack

- The car crashed totally

I can say that this car was a total waste of time. But the trip down from Haugesund was fun.


::: BMW 320i 85' diary :::

Here is a log of all the things I have done and stuff. I was taking care of the rust now and then, so I didn't log that. I cleaned inside the car and removed the old seat covers the first day.

- Bought some very big and fluffy dizes and hang them at the rear right side window
- A "no smoking" sign
- A blue "Wunderbaum" with apple-blossom

- Bought some cool blue spotlights for use in car, but I can't decide where to put them
- Bound some cool headband's with chinese letters on around the headrest's

- New oil and oil filter
- Mounted the black grille cover that covers the chrome
- Replaced the original front turnsignals with white ones

- Replaced the original side turnsignals with white ones

- Placed the blue spotlights where I wanted them

- Spray painted the sub speaker case and finished it with silicon

- Bought a set of blue tire valve caps
- A yellow "vanilla" Wunderbaum hanging in the trunk, because the paint on the sub case smell bad

- Back from workshop (07.10). Oil pan is switched. The new oil pan is excelent
- The side turn signal cables are switched to the new ones
- Entire new window wipers kit

Blabla, this is a long and boring process. But it had to be done. Aditional things I have done:
Bought 4 alu wheels for the winter, new clutch, new muffler ++ ...

What can I say? The car is in good shape, I brought a new life to it after I bought it. But it costs.


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