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cyberdel @ deviantART
My dA page
LMGIFY Use this when someone doesn't know how to use the web..
The most used forum for car enthusiasts in Norway
Amcar The american car club of Norway
Planet Unreal Greatest Unreal community
TSI Tuning, Styling, Import
Caprizone Tuning Tuning and styling for many cars
Virtual Hideout
Computer hardware and casemodding
Tezt IRC channel @ Undernet
Steam Let's play!
CarDomain Car show-off's
Haxx Arthoz' homepage. A bit discrete, isn't it?


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Sites I participate with. Some share the "cyberdel design" for their website.
If you are interested, contact me.

#BIL at Undernet (currently down)
IRC channel at EU Undernet




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Game graphics are Stainless, and Electronic Arts. Downloadable car models, skins and other software made by cyberdel are uneque only for cyberdel unless other servers keep them for public download with my comfirmation. All rights reserved ©